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What your Physio should NOT miss: The Syndesmosis Complex

The tibiofibular syndesmosis joint plays a primary role in providing the stability and congruency to the mortise of the talocural joint under axial loads. Immediate recognition and prompt management of syndesmotic injuries should minimise complications and improve the prognosis and return to sport timeframes. Injuries to the syndesmotic tibiofibular joint are less likely to occur …

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4 Tips for Low Back Pain

Back pain does not mean your back is damaged – it means it is sensitised. Your back is one of the strongest structures in the human body. It’s very rare to do permanent damage to your back. 1) MOVEMENT HELPS! Movements may be quite painful at first – like an ankle sprain – but they …

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Tendon Pain

Tendon Pain Tendon pain, referred to as tendinopathy, is debilitative condition that commonly affects the Achilles. Common signs and symptoms of tendinopathy include: A stiff and painful tendon in the morning Pain with running that can ease with warming up Latent pain and stiffness post exercise A thickened/ swollen tendon that is tender to touch …

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