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ACL Rehabilitation

Complete Balance Physiotherapy specialises in the rehabilitation and return to sport after ACL surgery. We offer a comprehensive outline and program with specific goals for each stage of the rehabilitation process. These include:

  • Pre surgery exercises, advice & management
  • Early post operative recovery using muscle stimulation via COMPEX and NORMATEC to minimise muscle loss and swelling
  • Post operative Physiotherapy to restore full ROM and good muscle activation
  • Mid stage rehabilitation with ACL specific gym sessions to build strength and restore full function
  • Running programs and load monitoring
  • Mid- late stage field based rehabilitation to introduce agility, jumps and sports specific skills
  • Late stage return to play testing with set bench marks to achieve before being cleared to return to sport.

This ACL program is best practice and ensures you are addressing all the key areas for a successful rehabilitation. Contact Complete Balance Sports Physio to commence your rehabilitation today.

Specific ACL Rehabilitation classes run weekly cost a fee of $40 per session with private health care rebates available.

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Sam Draper: Essendon FC Ruckman completing his late stage ACL Rehabilitation exercise at CB Physio