Complete Balance Physiotherapy

Complete Balance Physiotherapy Maribyrnong & Tullamarine

Complete Balance Physiotherapy (located in Maribyrnong & Tullamarine) is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and service from our team of expert Physiotherapists.

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Experts in Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

We ensure our clients  become pain free through the use of Physiotherapy treatment, education and rehabilitation.

Complete Balance Physiotherapy has access to state of the art gym rehabilitation facilities used to reduce your risk of re- injury. Whilst for athletes, our center creates an environment for a performance driven return to sport.

Complete Balance Physiotherapy caters for all ranges of clientele and are experts in dealing with a vast array of conditions. We always deliver the highest quality of care in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Private Health & Referrals

We accept all major health care providers so can claim on the spot and save on your consultation bills. Private patients do not require a referral for Physiotherapy.

We accept  Work CoverTAC & Medicare patient referrals from General Practitioners.

Our Physiotherapists can arrange direct referrals for imaging or for further specialist opinions from Physician or Surgeons as required.


Physiotherapy Consultations

Initial Consultation

Initial consultations include a thorough assessment & treatment session to diagnose your complaint. Our clinicians will then tailor a specific plan to ensure you achieve your desired outcome.

Subsequent Consultation

Subsequent consultations include further treatment, exercise prescription & advice to ensure you maintain improvements on your path to full resolution.

Extended Consultation

Extended consultations may be required if you have more than one condition affecting multiple body parts or you would simply like more time with your Physiotherapist.