Complete Balance Physiotherapy

Gym Based Rehabilitation Classes

Our Complete Balance Physiotherapists are not only experts in injury diagnosis, they also excel at Rehabilitation and Strength & Conditioning. We conduct supervised strength and rehabilitation sessions in our performance gymnasium. Classes are specific to each clients condition who work off their program in small group sessions (max 4 persons). 

These sessions include:

  • Close coaching from our skilled Physiotherapists
  • Individual programming
  • Injury specific exercises
  • Sports specific training to improve return to play outcomes

These sessions are covered under your private health care rebates to reduce your out of pocket expense.

Please note: Participants do require a Physiotherapy consultation before commencing the rehabilitation sessions.

BOOK TODAY for your initial physiotherapy consultation to commence your strength rehabilitation training


Gym Rehabilitation (45 minutes) $45

Small group gym based rehabilitation sessions (max 4 persons) coached by an experienced Physiotherapist. You will work on your specific program whilst ensuring you are performing your exercises correctly and progressed for optimal outcomes. Perfect for clients looking to fast track their rehabilitation and return to sport or general actively.

One on one gym based Rehabilitation sessions (30 minutes) $101

One on one coaching from your physiotherapist for a comprehensive rehabilitation session. Ideal for those clients getting started with their rehabilitation who need the extra coaching or a high level athlete who is really pushing for a return to sport.