Complete Balance Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation Gym Memberships

Complete Balance Physio offers a unique gym membership to cater to all of our clients rehabilitation needs.

Our gym membership includes:

  • Your own individualized rehabilitation program on our online program fully inclusive of video demonstrations of all your exercises
  • Access to our gym with out a booking during the business hours of 7.30am-7.30pm Monday- Friday.
  • 10% off all our additional classes (Pilates, Rehab & Field)

Our gym memberships are only $19 per week via direct debit. Cancel or suspend at anytime.

Get the supervision you need to complete your program by signing up to our rehab gym membership today.

Complete Balance Physio
Dyson Heppell: Essendon FC Captain
Complete Balance Physio
Sam Draper: Essendon FC Ruckman completing his late stage ACL Rehabilitation exercise at CB Physio
Jock Landale
Jock Landale- Australian Boomers (Basketball)