COMPEX Muscle Stimulation

COMPEX Muscle Stimulation

Compex muscle stimulation is a high intensity muscle contraction used in rehabilitation to reduce muscle loss and speed up the rehabilitation process. It can also be used to generate improved gains in strength training and for muscle hypertrophy (bulk).

The principle of electrostimulation correctly reproduces the process involved in a voluntary contraction. The stimulator sends an electrical impulse to nerve fibres to excite them. This excitation is then transmitted to muscle fibres and results in a mechanical response (= a twitch). This is the basic requirement for muscular contraction.

More information on COMPEX can be found HERE

Sessions run for 20-30 minutes.
Cost is $10 per session. Reserve the use of the compex via email to or in person with our admin team.

Only available from 4pm-8pm Monday- Thursday and 7.30am- 11.30am Tues, Wed & Friday