Complete Balance Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist Essendon

Tailored Physio Treatment from Qualified Professionals Near Essendon

Is your back constantly spasming with muscle tension, or you can’t lift your arm past a certain point due to stiffness in your shoulder? Whether you’re recovering from a recent surgery, rehabilitating from an injury (on or off the sports field) or you’re simply tired of feeling stiff and in pain; the team at Complete Balance Physiotherapy wants to help.

Together, we’ll help you regain the strength and mobility you need to live the active lifestyle you’re seeking. Our friendly and devoted Essendon physios are fully certified, with a wealth of industry experience that positions us to help clients with a varying range of musculoskeletal conditions.

At Complete Balance Physiotherapy near Essendon, we help people get back to enjoying the lifestyles they used to – whether that means getting back on the AFL pitch, restoring your golf swing to its former glory, or returning to the workplace feeling happy and healthy.

After an initial consultation, we’ll work closely alongside you to create a tailored treatment plan to cater for your individual condition and goals.

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