Complete Balance Physiotherapy

Josie's Journey to a Marathon

Week 1: Setting the Stage As both a physiotherapist and a runner, I’m excited to share my weekly journey as I prepare for the Sydney and Melbourne Marathons.

Training: I kicked off the journey with a 10-week block of training. This included regular runs to build mileage gradually and establish a strong base.

Injury Prevention: My preventive care plan started with scheduled physiotherapy running assessment session. Theis session allowed me to address any potential issues before they escalated, ensuring a smooth training process.

Nutrition: I maintained a balanced diet in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Staying well-hydrated was a priority.

Week 2: Deloading for Sydney With the Sydney Marathon drawing near, it was time to transition into the deloading phase:

Training: I reduced my mileage significantly during this week to allow my body to recover fully and prepare for peak performance on race day.

Mobility: Daily stretching and foam rolling became part of my routine to prevent muscle stiffness and maintain joint flexibility.

Conclusion: Stay tuned for more detailed updates as I continue my marathon journey. Remember, marathon preparation is a unique process for everyone, but with careful planning, dedication, and support from physiotherapy, this should be seamless.