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How can YOU improve your Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA) is often a debilitating condition leaving people feeling very lost with in the medical system to how best to manage this condition.

It was once believed the only way to manage osteoarthritis was through surgery. More recent evidence shows us that a combination of exercise, education and weight management can be more beneficial than surgery and should be the first line treatment option for OA!

Even with this knowledge only 50% of people are offered this approach to manage their OA which is not good enough.

Are YOU getting the BEST management options for you and your osteoarthritis?

The GLA:D program is an evidenced-based, small group program consisting of 12 neuromuscular exercise training sessions and 2 education sessions delivered over 6-8 weeks. This program incorporates what is known to be the best first line care for OA and is delivered in one easy package.

Participants who have completed a GLA:D program show a reduction in pain by an average of 36% and an improvement in joint related quality of life by 25% after just 3 months of the GLA:D the program.

At 12 months post the program, 75% of participants report a meaningful improvement in pain and quality of life!

Make sure YOU don’t miss out on the best care possible. Discuss how the GLA:D program can assist you with your Physiotherapist at Complete Balance Physio or your local GP, and ensure you put yourself in the best position to manage your osteoarthritis!