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Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are quite common. They can range from a small ‘roll’ of the ankle to significant injuries that require urgent medical attention.

Common ankle injuries include:

  • Lateral ligaments sprains graded as mild to severe (Grade 1, 2 & 3)
  • Medial Ligament or “Deltoid’ ligament sprains
  • Syndesmosis or “high’ ankle sprains

We can also experience other injuries that occur with our ankle sprains and it is very important that they are not missed on your examination.

Often following an injury your ankle may become quite painful and swollen. You should consult your expert Sports Physiotherapists at Complete Balance as soon as possible to commence treatment. The earlier we address these the injuries, the better the results. Early treatment and management may include:

  • Taping for stability
  • Compression to reduce swelling
  • Unloading the ankle- depending on the degree of injury this may mean a moon boot or crutches
  • Ice bucket immersion
  • Improving ankle range of motion & strength

To further reduce swelling you should try to avoid:

1) Long hot showers/ baths
2) Standing for long periods
3) Consuming alcohol

Often, people who experience ankle injuries stop doing their strength and stability work far to early. This can lead to longer term issues such as stiffness, reduced range of movement, recurrent injuries and pain.

Our experienced Sports Physiotherapists at Complete Balance Physio will guide you on a thorough rehabilitation program to ensure you reduce the risk of future issues.

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