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Back Pain

Back pain can come in many forms and often results in loss of movement, stiffness & pain. It can also be quite stressful and confusing around what are the best approaches to management.

Different types of back pain require different management and rehabilitation strategies. Types of back pain may include:  

  • General stiffness and aches
  • Muscle spasm or general muscle tightness and trigger points
  • Joint pain often referred to as facet joint inflammation of degeneration
  • Disc related pain
  • Referring or nerve related pain
  • Stress fractures often occurring in adolescents of athletes
  • Non specific back pain

As you can see there are numerous pathologies that can cause back pain. An experienced physiotherapist at Complete Balance will assist in determining the cause of your pain and address the contributing factors in order to reduce your pain or build you back to full function.

What you may feel / experience with back pain:

  • Sharp/ pinching pain
  • Tight aching pain
  • Tightness around the muscle
  • Stiff and sore upper back region
  • Nerve related pain into the backside or legs
  • Pain when sitting the desk of prolonged periods

It is normal to experience fear and concern about your back pain however your back is very resilient and it is rare to have something that cannot be improved.

How can Physiotherapy help you?

Physiotherapy at Complete Balance will help reduce your pain via a number of strategies such as manual therapy & dry needling, education, exercise therapy and unloading positions. It is then imperative to address the ever-important causative factors so the pain stays away.  This may include:

  • Improving your upper back mobility
  • Improving your muscle strength or the reducing tightness
  • Increase control and strength of your back & hip muscles
  • Addressing any room for improvement in your posture
  • Reducing general overload or repetitive movement

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