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4 mistakes people make when choosing a health care provider

Finding the right clinician can often be a daunting process.  Here are 4 tips to avoid when looking for your new health care provider. We hope this provides you with confidence when choosing the best Physiotherapist/ Health care provider for you.

1. Opting for the cheapest consultation fee

  • Often the lowest fees will mean you are seeing a junior clinician who may not have the experience to truly solve your pain or complaint.
  • Alternatively, the lowest fee may mean you have only limited face to face time with your therapist.
  • Most Physiotherapists work because they want to help people and will more than likely have set a reasonable fee based on their level of experience & qualification.

2. Convenience

  • Do your research! Don’t just go to the closest clinic. Look for a Physiotherapist with experience who has ideally completed further study. If you find the right therapist for you it will save you a lot of time, money and effort in the long term.

3. Getting sucked into fancy gadgets & gimmicks.

  • There is always new technology coming out to try to attract new clients. Infrared laser, ultrasounds, electrotherapy, gait scans, massage guns etc. None of this will actually diagnose your condition, give you a plan and provide clear expectations on a  timeline to the resolution of your condition. An experienced clinician will provide this to you and not just keep you coming back week after week with new and fancy technology.

4. Continuing to see a clinician without sufficient improvement (within a reasonable time frame)

  • Your therapist should be able to provide you a timeline on when to expect a reasonable level of improvement. If you feel you are not progressing it may be worth seeking a second opinion.

Our Biggest takeaway

Spend some time doing your research on your local health care clinicians specific to your condition. If you are in doubt, please feel free to phone and ask about us or email